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Why Frame Star?

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Unlike many schools in Moscow, Framestar offers a range of teaching experience. Instead of only teaching general English classes of around 20 students FS offers both individual and group lessons, business English, conversational lessons, exam preparation amongst others. This not only acts as a more interesting and motivating teaching experience for the teacher but will also offer additional experience and variety which would be hard to come by anywhere else.

Framestar Education is based entirely in Russia in both Moscow and St Petersburg, which means that unlike other International teaching companies we can say for sure that the experience of working with FS will be more personal and we can offer help or advice about both teaching and living 24hrs. We understand that living in a foreign country can be challenging, especially in the first days and weeks, therefore we strive to offer a friendly service at all times. We always send someone to meet you from the airport so you have no problems finding a taxi or other transportation to your accommodation. Moreover, no matter if it’s the first day, first week or 6 months in, we are always here to help you no matter what the problem is. We have a reputation in Moscow as one of the best schools to work for, and therefore we will never let our standard of service slip.

As a Language teaching company we also offer un-rivaled contracted payment rates. Whether you are wanting to use your time as a working gap year or if you are looking more at the long-term, you as a teacher won’t find contracted work anywhere in Moscow which offers a salary nearly as good as ours.

Finally, we will never force upon you something that you are not comfortable with. Of course, teaching sometimes requires a person to come out of their shell a little but you will have some sort of choice, and we always make sure our teachers are totally confident with what they are doing.

Saying this, we only work with the very best teachers, so whatever your situation we will help and advise you to develop yourself as much as possible both professionally and personally.